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5 day trips from Örebro

Publicerad 2022-01-03
Nature, history and enjoyable tastes are just some of the things you can experience within an hour's journey from Örebro. So go on an outing and discover some of all the hidden gems in the Örebro region.

Three small wooden towns

Cobblestone streets lined with red, yellow and gray wooden houses. Neatly carved gates, cozy courtyard environments and small shops. Discover three small towns with plenty of environments from times gone by.

Nora is one of Sweden's best-preserved wooden towns, which also has a very lively veteran railway where the steam locomotive stops at the beautiful station. Askersund by the northern tip of Lake Vättern offers both the charme of a port city, a small town feel and the elegant Stjernsund Castle. In the historic city of Arboga, the wooden house block slink down towards the river, while the magnificent town hall with medieval origins is reminiscent of the time when the city was part of Sweden's political center.

Ett vitt kyrktorn sticker upp ur en småstad. Sjö och grönskande träd framför.
Photo: Frida Edlund


By the shore of Lake Hjälmaren is a culinary paradise with no less than two high-class restaurants. In summer, Sjökrogen attracts with wonderful views over the lake and delicious dishes, while the year-round inn Katrinelunds Gästgiveri has established itself on the Swedish gastronomic map. The focus is on Hjälmaren's gold, zander. A real delicacy that is exported far beyond Sweden's borders. Here you can enjoy it fresh from the lake. If you are lucky, you can even meet the fisherman who caught it!

En elegant upplagd maträtt på en vit tallrik med svart kant.
Photo: Katrinelunds Gästgiveri


After less than half an hour's ferry ride from Hampetorp, you reach a real idyll. Vinön is Hjälmaren's largest island with experiences all year round. Summer time gives you the pleasure of swimming, hiking, the small cafe and evening concerts at the inn. An inn that you can also visit the rest of the year. For the island does at least as well when the autumn winds wake up the wild lake or on a sunny winter day when Hjälmaren freezes to ice and is covered by sparkling snow.

Ett gult trähus intill en grusväg.
Vinön's inn offers fresh fish and other local food.


Sweden is one of Europe's most sparsely populated countries. But also the country in Europe that has the largest share of forest. This means that magnificent and tranquil nature is never far away. 20 kilometers west of Örebro you will find Ånnaboda, a center for nature experiences in the vast Kilsberg area. At the outdoor center and the cottage village there are hiking trails, bike paths and viewpoints both for those who just want to taste nature and for those who want to embark on a real adventure in the wilderness. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy Swedish flavors and relax by the fireplace.

MTB-skyltar i trä med olika färgmarkeringar.

The Nobel Museum in Karlskoga

Who is the most famous Swede in history? A likely candidate for that title is Alfred Nobel. His will and fortune formed the basis of the Nobel Prizes awarded since 1901. Nobel's last home was Björkborn's manor in Karlskoga where he lived until his death in 1896. The manor is now a museum that tells the story of the great inventor. Recreated environments show the home and the laboratory and in the guided tours you can meet both Nobel himself and his closest employees.