How to become Swedish in 60 minutes

24 februari

How to become Swedish in 60 minutes

How to become Swedish in 60 minutes is a theatrical solo show which is much more than a comedy routine.

Datum & tid: 24 februari 2018 kl. 19:00
Plats: Örebro Konserthus

Hilarious blend of incisive and visual observation of a nations human condition, their attitudes, struggles and everyday life. In the show people will learn how to walk, talk and behave like a regular Swede. Loosely based on HOW TO BECOME ICELANDIC IN 60 MINUTES which opened in Reykjavik, Iceland (Harpa Concert House) in 2012 and became an instant hit and been performed more than 300 times. Performed by Niklas Engdahl (Henrik i TV serien ”Bonus familjen”, Hannes Josefsson i TV-serien “Fallet”, Måns Wenngren i TV-serien “Rebecka Martinsson”, and written by Bjarni Thorsson (Pappan (The dad) /Mr Morfar (Grandad)/ Off Air)

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