Welcome to Örebro

With 155,000 inhabitants, Örebro belongs to a number of Swedish cities of equal size after the four large cities. The location in the country, the proximity to nature and a long tradition as a trading town have characterized Örebro. A city that is also the birthplace of a member of the current Swedish royal family!

Örebro in the heart of Sweden

The name means "bridge over the gravel banks" and the city was founded as early as the 13th century where the main route through Central Sweden crossed the river Svartån. The oldest parts of the castle and St. Nicolai Church are of the same age as the city. The center is characterized by the castle and many beautiful buildings. Together, they create a city center that many consider one of the most beautiful in the country.

A city center that many consider one of the most beautiful in the country.

Många människor sitter på soldäcket framför Örebro slott.

Örebro - between Stockholm and Gothenburg

The geographical location has always been one of Örebro's great advantages. Stockholm is two hours away and to Gothenburg it is only a little over three hours journey. It is four hours to Norway's capital Oslo and half of Sweden's population lives within a twenty mile radius of the city.

In all times, Örebro has been a place for merchants, craftsmen and small businesses. The tradition lives on in our time. The large companies are few, an exception is Epiroc, which manufactures mine drills. The city is dominated by public services such as the government agency Statistics Sweden and different service companies, not least in the IT sector. Örebro is one of Sweden's university cities and there is also a university hospital here.

Close to nature

Nature is always close by. The vast nature area of Kilsbergen rises to the west, the forests of Bergslagen spread out to the north and the wilderness of Tiveden lies in the south. There are two national parks (Tiveden and Garphyttan) close by and two of Sweden's largest lakes, Hjälmaren and Vättern. For those who want to experience beautiful small towns, there are several options within an hour's drive. Nora, Arboga and Askersund are three typically Swedish wooden towns, made to stroll around.

International names from Örebro

Some international greats are connected to the Örebro area. In Karlskoga you can visit Alfred Nobel's last home at Björkborn's manor. It was here that the will that formed the basis for the Nobel Prize was read out for the first time. A completely different type of world celebrity is Formula 1 driver Ronnie Peterson from Örebro. He had an accident in 1978 and is buried in Almby cemetery. Not far away you can see the statue erected to honor him. Two of the musicians who contributed to ABBA's classical sound, guitarist Lasse Wellander and drummer Ola Brunkert, also came from Örebro. Prince Daniel, who is married to Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria, is born in Örebro.

En person vandrar i en höstfärgad skog.

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Outdoor life near Örebro

Örebro is a small city with a lot of nature nearby. There are marked trails for hiking, biking and kayaking that easily take you out into nature. Do you want to experience nature one afternoon, with coffee in your backpack, or even several days with a tent and storm kitchen? Regardless of level, there are many ways to enjoy nature in Örebro

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Fika in Örebro

The beloved Swedish coffee break tradition called fika is as well known in the world as ABBA and Pippi Longstocking. And we understand why! It's a social institution where you sit down with friends or family and enjoy coffee, tea and pastries. Life quality, quite simply!

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Practical info about Örebro

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A castle in the middle of the city, beautiful buildings from both past and present. But also nature experiences just a stone's throw from the city and a tower that has gained followers all over the world. These are only some of the attractions in Örebro